Bad lip reading.

This is old, but it makes me laugh every time!

Have you seen these videos? Which is your favourite?



I’m on holidays now for 2 weeks. It’s very much needed. I’ll be spending my time reading books like this:


Going on a trip to Adelaide for a course and to visit some friends.

And finishing off some house renovations.


Sam’s got time off too, so it will be great to spend lots more time together.


Funnest boards to follow on Pinterest.

My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter. The caption for this pic is “Quinoa loves to have special mother-daughter talks in spectacular clothes and illuminating lighting.”

Fabulous Furniture

 Places to visit before you die. This is amazing. I want to go everywhere on this board.

DIY Your Wedding. Heaps of great DIY wedding ideas.

AwkwardFamilyPhotos. Very awkward.

How to clean… Lots of useful cleaning tips and tricks.

Interspecies Buddying. Too much cuteness!

Recipes – Pizza

’90’s Nostalgia. I was a child of the ’90’s! I loved Dragon Ball Z!

And some great users to follow are:

Jan of Poppytalk

mrs. french *


live from IKEA FAMILY



Speaking in accents.

Are you good at speaking in different accents? I’m not. I really love Irish and Scottish accents best!

Here’s a great video of Amy Walker speaking in 21 different accents from around the world. Isn’t it amazing!

And here’s her tip on talking like an Aussie!


And this is a great video giving us a tour of American accents.

She is just so clever. I guess I’ll just stick to my boring Australian accent. What’s your favourite accent?

Birth to 12 years.

How cool is this video? The father of Lotte filmed her every week from birth until she was 12, then compiled it all together into a  2 minutes 45 second clip. It’s so amazing to see how she grows and changes over the years. I’d love to do something like this with my kids (one day)!

Would you do this?