That time we got engaged (2 years ago).

Two years ago today Samuel surprised me by asking me to marry him. I should have seen it coming; we’d been dating for 3 years already (I thought our dating anniversary was the next day (the 17th), not the 16th). 

We went for a drive up to Falls Creek “to look at wild flowers”, he said. Here’s the rest of the story, in pictures. 


Happy anniversary, love.













It’s only another post about my sister’s wedding…

And here’s some photos my husband and I took of the day. They don’t capture the whole day (no photos of the ceremony at all), but there are some fun ones, nonetheless.

This is the lovely flower girl, Freya. She did such a good job walking down the aisle at church, (despite a false start at the practice the day before), and then having her photo taken multiple times.

IMG_2206And here’s the beautiful bride and her groom. This is when we arrived at the reception venue. It was such a lovely place. A cafe with a cute courtyard, just a short stroll down to the river.

IMG_2224This is me and one of the groomsmen, Sherwin. I don’t know what was so funny here.


This is the other bridesmaid Ali, and groomsman Dan.


Here’s Laura, being pretty excited about being married!

Mum made these bunting chains out of doilies from op-shops and leftover wedding dress fabric. I think they’re so sweet.


Here are some of the guests. Lovely friends!



And a nice picture of my marvellous husband and me. If you notice Sam’s sunglasses – they’re made from wood!


This is Dad making his Father-of-the-Bride speech.


And me, giving my speech. It must have been a bit funny! (I love this photo by the way.)


Laura’s speech. I love the expressions on their faces. Such a beautiful look between them.


Then compare it to this look… Matt’s killing the cake!


Thanks for the amazing day! You were a beautiful bride Laura.

IMG_2302It really was a joyful time. We enjoyed it even more than our own wedding day! (Of course we still think ours was amazing and the most special day, but there’s always a little bit of stress – you can’t fully relax at your own wedding. But we were fully relaxed at this one.)




My little sister got married.


And it was such a wonderful day. It started at 5:30 when the bride woke us up. She’d been awake since 4:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep. I wasn’t too grumpy because a) my alarm was set for 6 anyway, and b) how can anyone be grumpy with a bride on her wedding day?

We had breakfast at home then headed to the hair dresser. They did such a great job! It’s such a lovely salon, we felt so pampered!

I didn’t take any pics of the ceremony because I was otherwise occupied (obviously)! I’ll share some my husband took later. It was a lovely ceremony. Laura and Matt made some massive promises to each other and to God, before their church family, extended family and friends. I couldn’t stop smiling.

After we left the church we headed off in some pretty cool old cars to have photos taken. The photographer was great. There was no stress or rush, and we even got to the reception 5 minutes early!

These were their serious faces. Even serious they both looked spiffy!

There was a photo booth at the reception! It provided hours of fun for all the guests. We got some funny sister shots, but I realised after I forgot to get any with my husband. Oh well.

I kinda wish I’d had a photo booth at my wedding! Oh well.

They did all the official things like cut the cake,

Look into each other’s eyes (this was just after they kissed. I just missed it, but this is kind of nicer than a kissey photo),

And throw the bouquet. (No one caught it. I guess that means there will be no more weddings. Ever.)

I’m so glad these two have married each other. It’s so good to have seen my sister so happy, and be so happy with the man she has chosen to spend the rest of her life with. I pray that their love will grow and grow. Congratulations Laura and Matt!


It’s almost the weekend.


What have you got planned? I’ll be spending my weekend being bridesmaid for my little sister. It’ll be the best! (#istillcantbelieveshesgettingmarried)

We’ve also got my cousin, her husband and her 2 beautiful daughters staying with us. They’re so much fun!

IMG_20130906_073412 2Whatever you end up doing, I hope it’s as beautiful as this crepe myrtle!



My sister’s getting married!

This photo was taken a few weeks ago on a sunny day at my in-law’s place. There were no clouds in the sky on that day!

IMG_20131008_131909 2

My sister’s getting married in a few days. I’m so excited! It looks like there’ll be a bit of rain, but hopefully it will hold off. I’m sure it will be an amazing day, no matter what the weather does. Weather shmether I say!

I can’t help singing this whenever a wedding gets close:

I really can’t wait to be her bridesmaid!


One year of marriage.

To my dear husband,

It’s been a whole year since we were married. How time has flown by. I knew marriage was supposed to be good, but until I married you I didn’t realise just how good it could be. It’s certainly not always perfect. Not always rainbows and lollipops. But sharing the bad as well as the good makes it all so much richer.


If we each only thought of ‘me’, I don’t think our marriage would have lasted even this long. It’s only by the grace of God that we still love and respect each other. We love each other only because He loves us. Our love for each other overflows out of the great love God has put in our hearts. We can forgive each other because we have both been forgiven by Him so, so much. I need to remind myself of this every day, or else I slip back into selfish love of self.


You’re such a good man, and husband. So kind and generous, full of forgiveness for me (and others). You work hard at your job as well as all your other commitments. You’re so much fun! You don’t mind my weird-ness, and even embrace some of it (thankyou!). You’re strong, yet so very tender – I can’t wait to see you as Dad to our babies one day!


I’m so happy you’re in my life, and I’m so happy we’re sharing life together, as husband and wifey. I love you so much more than when we were first married. Maybe one hundred times more already! You’re my very favourite. My best friend and constant support. I look forward to sharing however many more moments and years God has for us.


Love always,


A roadtrip and a wedding.

A couple of weeks ago, my parents, my brothers, my husband and I took off on a 12 hour drive to see my cousin get married. I took lots of photos…

IMG_20130425_104743Of roads.

IMG_20130425_105716My brothers the back seat bandits.

IMG_20130425_115157Interesting buildings as we drove through small towns.

IMG_20130425_135330An awkward picture on the wall of a cafe where we stopped for lunch.

IMG_20130425_135544More great buildings.

IMG_20130426_100630Giant silos.

The wedding was lovely. My cousin looked absolutely beautiful! The church was full of joyful friends and family, gathered to see the people they love commit themselves to each other in marriage.

IMG_20130427_160237Walking down the aisle (excuse the blurriness! My phone camera is not the best).

IMG_20130427_160530They’re married! What a good kiss!

IMG_20130427_161528Sarah and her brothers outside the church.

IMG_20130427_160739So happy!

The reception was lots of fun, with great food, good conversation, and some interesting speeches. The best was my uncle’s father of the bride speech (watch it below if you’ve got 15 minutes to spare).

Congratulations to you Sarah and Brendan!




The other night, I cut my husband’s hair. It hadn’t been cut for maybe 6 months.

He went from looking something like this:

(well, maybe not quite so long)

To something like this:

(with a bit less styling going on, but notice he still has a bit of a beard)

I really don’t mind whether he has short hair or longer hair. Lots of people start nagging at him to cut it when it gets like the top picture. I’ve come to learn that nagging him about his hair just makes him want to keep it long. So I don’t.