Happy Christmas!

This is one of my favourite Christmas songs. (I don’t know what it’s got to do with an Australian Christmas, since it doesn’t snow…) Every year mum would play it on piano in the lead up to Christmas. It’s so beautiful!

Happy Christmas!



grandpame(Grandpa and me.)

My Grandpa died last week. The funeral was on Monday. I’m sad he’s gone because I miss him. He was the nicest person, and was always so happy to see me.

I remember he always used to tickle us after we finished tea and we’d try to escape but would be trapped under the table by the grown-ups legs! I remember doing puzzles with him on the floor of their lounge room. I remember lots of visits to their house where we’d walk down to see the train, play dress-ups with their old clothes, have picnics at the park, pick carrots and strawberries from their garden.

He was very sick by the end, and was very ready to go. So in a way it’s a relief – he’s no longer suffering but is with his Saviour.

This was the last hymn that we sung at the funeral, with my aunty and cousin playing piano and guitar. It was so beautiful to hear everyone singing so loudly and joyfully.

See you again, Grandpa.