Dining room.

Here’s a couple of pictures of our dining room at the moment:



I really love the rustic old table, but I’m pretty over the chairs. They’re so old and uncomfortable (not that I’m against old, I just think they have to be somewhat comfortable). I want to be able to have people over for meals and know that I’m not destroying their backs/bums!

I’ve been wanting to get some new chairs for a while. I like the idea of white chairs, but am open to other ideas!

Here are some pictures of inspiration:

(images sourced from decorpad.com, decorpad.com, flickr.com and indulgy.com)

Hmmm… What do you think? Should I try some modern white chairs to contrast the table? Or more old-fashioned white chairs to match? Or something completely different?


Gold Christmas Garland.

I love Christmas. I love most things about it (except for how much money is spent and wasted – is Christmas really just about presents?). I love that Christmas is about the incarnation, Immanuel – God is with us. I love spending time with family and friends. I love all the food. I love looking at the lights, making presents, and decorating the house (which is what this post is all about).

I wanted to make some sort of sparkly gold garland to string up at home, but I wasn’t really sure what I wanted. I saw a few different ones on Pinterest, but none really took my fancy. So I wandered into Spotlight and spent half an hour browsing the craft isles. I finally found some shiny gold and some sparkly cardboard, and a big circle hole punch (I thought a big star would be better, but in the end I really liked the simplicity of circles).

When I got home I cut a bazillion circles out (and some that weren’t quite circles):

imageThen I went to my mum’s house and used her sewing machine to sew down the middles and join them together into one long chain.

imageI really like them. They’re so shiny and bright and Christmas-ey!

image I ended up blue-tacking them to the wall, because I couldn’t get them all to just hang nicely and all be facing the right way. They kept spinning around so you’d see lots of white backs. But then it got really hot one day and most of them fell down, so I got less precious and just let them hang how they would.

Mum made me this angel ages ago. I think she’s really sweet:

imageAnd here’s my Christmas tree. It’s a Norfolk Island Pine in a pot. It lives outside most of the year but we bring it inside for Christmas:

imageHappy Christmas everyone!

Our first home.

We’ve done it! We’ve finally moved into our first home. It has certainly been a long process, and I’m sure it’s still not over.

It started in November when we first saw the house for sale. That same day (very out of character for us) we made an offer on it which was accepted! There were a few hiccups along the way, but we finally gained possession of the house in January.

From January until the end of August we’ve been knocking down walls and illegal extensions; cleaning, cleaning, cleaning; ripping up carpet and lino; painting walls, cupboards and doors; putting down floating floorboards and carpet. (Here are some photos of what it used to look like).

We’ve had lots of help from family and friends with everything from painting to knocking down walls. From removing rubbish (thanks dads!) to putting in sliding doors in the bathroom and loo. My brother-in-law Joel has helped us the most, and for a while he was coming over every weekend to help (he’s a chippy so is a great help). We really appreciate all the help we’ve had, we couldn’t have done it without you (especially you Joel)!

So now our home is habitable!

We only have curtains in our bedroom (which makes sitting in the lounge watching TV at night kind of weird. We’ve still got boxes and boxes of stuff in the back bedroom, waiting for a more permanent home. We’re still missing our pantry door. We have no hooks in the walls, and therefore no pictures on the walls. We’re missing some skirting boards and some cornice still needs painting.

But it’s all good.

IMG_1727The backyard before we got to work. It was full of rubbish!

IMG_1723The long, dry grass. A perfect hiding place for snakes.

IMG_1808But now the backyard’s starting to take shape!

IMG_1813Sam’s started planting a few things.

IMG_1728The dining room. Notice there are a few doors resting against the wall here waiting to be hung.

IMG_1737One of Sam’s many indoor plants. Lucky I love them.

IMG_1730Our kitchen. We still need to paint that panel behind the breakfast bar.

IMG_1740We’re really happy with the floor. These are floating timber boards, but they’ve been distressed to make it look a bit old/reclaimed.

IMG_1743Notice the missing pantry door.

IMG_1744Our new laundry. We’re very happy with this room. Except for the washing machine. It’s not working properly. But it’s the plumbing’s fault, and that’ll get fixed soon.

IMG_1755This is the bathroom. We still don’t have towel racks, hence the towel hanging on the bath. Can you spot another indoor plant?

IMG_1731Middle bedroom. This room actually looks much better now than it does in this photo.

IMG_1758Our bedroom. It looks much better in real life now too.

IMG_1749Lounge. It’s not quite so messy anymore. I really will have to post some more recent photos soon.

IMG_1745We’re waiting on some new lounges. But until December(!) this will have to do. Notice we’re using the bookshelf as a blind? Hopefully we’ll get our curtains on soon so we can move this and start filling it with our books.

IMG_1746We love it.

Moving day.

We’re hoping to move into our house this weekend – tomorrow in fact. We’ll see what ends up happening, as it looks like rain. I don’t think moving house in the rain would be much fun.


I’ve been busily packing things into boxes, and cleaning up our unit. There’s no stress if we can’t move this weekend because the unit belongs to a family member and they don’t have anyone lined up to move in straight away. Still, it will be great to finally live in our own home!

I’ll share some more photos of our almost-finished home soon.



I’m on holidays now for 2 weeks. It’s very much needed. I’ll be spending my time reading books like this:


Going on a trip to Adelaide for a course and to visit some friends.

And finishing off some house renovations.


Sam’s got time off too, so it will be great to spend lots more time together.


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A red front door.

We’ve been busy renovating our house. We’ve finished painting (mostly). The bathroom’s almost done. The floor is about to go down. One thing I’m really looking forward to doing is painting our front door bright red! I’ve found some great looking red front doors on Pinterest:

I can’t wait to have a happy, welcoming red door like these! Would you paint your front door bright red, or any other bright colour?

We made a veggie garden.

Soon after we moved into my sister-in-law’s unit, my husband and his brother cleared out our back yard and built a veggie garden. There are two raised beds that are two sleepers high. Here it is:


Sam planted veggies, here it is full of seedlings:


We’ve got tomatoes, capsicum, chilli, chia, thyme, oregano, parsley, coriander, chives, and more things I can’t quite remember.

IMG_20130304_194110We’ve had heaps of growth over the summer!

IMG_20130304_194322We harvested tons of tomatoes, chillies, capsicum, and have heaps of wonderful herbs.



When we move into our house, we’ll have to build new veggie gardens.

House painting.

We bought a house earlier this year, and are now working on renovating it before we move in. It was a big mess when we bought it, with junk left all through the house and yard.



We’ve done lots of cleaning, pulling up floor, knocking down an illegal extension, jackhammering up tiles and redoing the bathroom. It’s been pretty hectic. And now we’ve started painting.




Choosing a paint colour is hard. We took heaps of cards home and umm-ed and ahh-ed about which shade we liked best. We wanted something light and bright, without being too stark. Who knew there were so many shades of white out there!

We ended up choosing the colour “spiritual”. It was a lot darker than I expected at first, but now I love it!



Now on to choosing tiles and carpet and floorboards… Hopefully we can be moved in by the end of May.