How to get stuff done with a busy baby

This is what works (or doesn’t work) for me 😉
  1. Create when your baby naps. This works really well about 50% of the time when my baby decides to nap for 2-3 hours. Sometimes she’ll only sleep for a short while, and then I’ll be halfway through rolling a tray of beads, hands dirty with clay, and I’ll have to get her up. Other times, housework wins over making. This only happens when the house actually resembles a pigsty, and I feel guilty for letting my baby crawl around in it.
  2. Give your baby a new toy to keep them occupied. Right now my baby is going through a bit of a clingy phase, so unless she’s only just woken up in the morning and isn’t hungry, this doesn’t really work for me. She needs me to be playing with the new toy with her, thus defeating its purpose.
  3. Work after your baby has gone to bed at night. This works well, but the downside to this is I miss out on spending time with my husband. But I don’t really mind if all he’s doing is watching his favourite show: COPS.
  4. Give your baby some TV time. This actually doesn’t work for me. My baby gets bored of the TV very quickly. Even when something interesting (like Play School) is on, she prefers to be crawling around, throwing blocks, reading books or standing at my chair pinching my belly.
  5. Get a babysitter. I haven’t done this yet, but my baby has two grandmothers who are both very keen to spend time with her. I’m sure if I asked, they would be happy to mind her for a couple hours so I could get some beads rolled and baked.


How do you get stuff done with a baby (or kids in general) around?

(This post first appeared on my shop blog)


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