Some helpful parenting resources.

There is so much parenting advice out there – good and bad. Here’s some resources I’ve found helpful. What works for me might not work for you. Remember, my biggest piece of advice is to do what works.


1. The Australian Breastfeeding Association. For any and every breastfeeding issue. Their website has heaps of great, reliable information. Even though I was one of the lucky ones who could breastfeed without too much trouble, their articles and forums would put my mind at ease when I’ve been unsure about something. They also have a breastfeeding helpline. Sam and I also went to a breastfeeding education session run by the ABA before our daughter was born (which I would highly recommend). I’ve also been to a few local group meetings which are always good.

2. Pinky McKay. Her Facebook page specifically. Pinky is a lactation consultant and gentle parenting advocate. People ask questions on her page which she (and other people who like her page) answers with advice and suggestions. Reading through these questions and answers has been so helpful to me, and has often given me ideas of things to try when I’ve been struggling with a baby who won’t sleep. It’s really just reassuring to know that there are other babies out there like mine!

3. My mother’s group. I’ve been lucky to be part of a great group of women (who all have super cute bubs) who still meet up regularly. There’s been no bitchiness (that I’ve picked up on anyway) and even if we have different opinions or ways of doing things, we support and encourage each other. I consider these girls my friends, and hope we keep catching up for life.

4. My family. Elsie’s so blessed to grow up surrounded by big extended families who love and care for her. She has 4 grandparents, 5 aunties, 6 uncles, and 3 cousins (hopefully more to come). They’re mostly local too, which I’m very glad about. They’ve all been great with practical help and are so supportive of our parenting. We really couldn’t have a better family.

What are some things you’ve found helpful as a new parent?


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  1. Emirati Mama · July 23, 2015

    Thank you for sharing this useful post!

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