Time to resurrect the old blog.

I used to love blogging. It was my creative outlet. It forced me to try new recipes and cook more. I found it fun! But then I got slack and stopped.

So much has changed since I last posted. The biggest thing was having my daughter!


Life has changed so much these last 8 months. It’s been really hectic! My house is always a mess. I’m always so busy (even though some days all I accomplish is a load of washing or emptying the bins). Don’t get me started on how sleep deprived I am!

But life is SO much better with a little one to love. She really does bring us so much joy. Watching Sam interact with her deepens my love for him. Watching her develop and grow makes me wonder at the miracle of life.

So hopefully I’ll keep writing here. I’m hoping it will at least make me cook (and create) more.



  1. Beth · July 13, 2015

    Well, if you want to post recipes you can definitely post that chicken/pumpkin pasta that you made when we visited!!

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