Short hair and I don’t even care!

So I finally got around to cutting my hair. And now I’m finally getting around to sharing the pictures. (I’ve been slack as I’ve been on holidays, then I just forgot I had a blog… Whoops!)

Here are the before shots:


wpid-IMG_20131228_171338.jpgAnd here are the after shots:


wpid-IMG_20140108_124215.jpgAnd here’s what’s left over:

wpid-IMG_20140108_124654.jpgI sent my pony tail off to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program, so hopefully someone else will enjoy my hair as part of a wig.

I wasn’t sad to see my hair go at all. I love it short (and I probably could have gone shorter still)! It’s so much easier to wash, it’s nowhere near as heavy, and so much cooler in summer. I do have to spend a bit of time drying and straightening it if I want to wear it out, (because it’s boofier being shorter!) but this doesn’t take as long as before. It’s also still long enough to go up in a pony tail when I run).



  1. jackieoutrunning · January 27, 2014

    Looks great!

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