Acupuncture for hayfever?

It’s spring here, and while I love it for the flowers and the (mostly) beautiful weather, it’s a hard time of year for me. I’ve had hayfever all my life. We deliberately avoided having a spring wedding because I didn’t want to be sneezing and feeling awful on my wedding day.

I’ve recently been trying a few alternative treatments to try to improve my symptoms, rather than just taking antihistamines and cortisone nasal sprays.

I’ve tried cutting out gluten, which I’ve done now for about 3 months now. I’ve tried eating a really healthy diet, including lots of extra greens in the form of green smoothies and upping my omega 3 intake. I’ve been taking vitamin d supplements, because I was a bit low and apparently that can impact things.

I’ve been taking these chinese medicine herbal tablets for allergies:

I’ve also been using this homeopathic spray:

The most recent (and most effective so far) thing I’ve tried is acupuncture. My husband heard of someone having it and having no hayfever symptoms for four years! I’d be so happy with that!

I had the acupuncture about two weeks ago. The first week after I had it I felt great! No symptoms whatsoever. I don’t really know how it works, but even if it was a placebo, I don’t care! The next week I’ve had slight sneezing and stuffed nose, but nowhere near what I normally experience. Yesterday was my worst day so far, and I was sneezing a lot and feeling overall yuck. I didn’t have itchy eyes at all though (which I normally do get). Today is a very windy day here, and I’ve been pretty good (fingers crossed).

I’m curious; has anyone else tried acupuncture for hayfever or other allergies? What were your results like? Would you recommend I go back for another session? (The practitioner didn’t say whether I needed to go back or not). I’d love to hear your experiences!


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