Our first home.

We’ve done it! We’ve finally moved into our first home. It has certainly been a long process, and I’m sure it’s still not over.

It started in November when we first saw the house for sale. That same day (very out of character for us) we made an offer on it which was accepted! There were a few hiccups along the way, but we finally gained possession of the house in January.

From January until the end of August we’ve been knocking down walls and illegal extensions; cleaning, cleaning, cleaning; ripping up carpet and lino; painting walls, cupboards and doors; putting down floating floorboards and carpet. (Here are some photos of what it used to look like).

We’ve had lots of help from family and friends with everything from painting to knocking down walls. From removing rubbish (thanks dads!) to putting in sliding doors in the bathroom and loo. My brother-in-law Joel has helped us the most, and for a while he was coming over every weekend to help (he’s a chippy so is a great help). We really appreciate all the help we’ve had, we couldn’t have done it without you (especially you Joel)!

So now our home is habitable!

We only have curtains in our bedroom (which makes sitting in the lounge watching TV at night kind of weird. We’ve still got boxes and boxes of stuff in the back bedroom, waiting for a more permanent home. We’re still missing our pantry door. We have no hooks in the walls, and therefore no pictures on the walls. We’re missing some skirting boards and some cornice still needs painting.

But it’s all good.

IMG_1727The backyard before we got to work. It was full of rubbish!

IMG_1723The long, dry grass. A perfect hiding place for snakes.

IMG_1808But now the backyard’s starting to take shape!

IMG_1813Sam’s started planting a few things.

IMG_1728The dining room. Notice there are a few doors resting against the wall here waiting to be hung.

IMG_1737One of Sam’s many indoor plants. Lucky I love them.

IMG_1730Our kitchen. We still need to paint that panel behind the breakfast bar.

IMG_1740We’re really happy with the floor. These are floating timber boards, but they’ve been distressed to make it look a bit old/reclaimed.

IMG_1743Notice the missing pantry door.

IMG_1744Our new laundry. We’re very happy with this room. Except for the washing machine. It’s not working properly. But it’s the plumbing’s fault, and that’ll get fixed soon.

IMG_1755This is the bathroom. We still don’t have towel racks, hence the towel hanging on the bath. Can you spot another indoor plant?

IMG_1731Middle bedroom. This room actually looks much better now than it does in this photo.

IMG_1758Our bedroom. It looks much better in real life now too.

IMG_1749Lounge. It’s not quite so messy anymore. I really will have to post some more recent photos soon.

IMG_1745We’re waiting on some new lounges. But until December(!) this will have to do. Notice we’re using the bookshelf as a blind? Hopefully we’ll get our curtains on soon so we can move this and start filling it with our books.

IMG_1746We love it.



  1. Found This Painted That · September 14, 2013

    Very exciting to see it take shape, isn’t it? It’s going to look fabulous when you’re done, I can tell already. Congrats!

  2. hanmadestuff · September 20, 2013

    Ah thanks for your kind comment!

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