Homemade stevia extract.


Sam’s been growing stevia in the garden. It’s supposed to be a really great sweetener that isn’t sugar and is completely natural. Read more about stevia here. I thought I’d give making stevia extract a go to use in cooking. Here’s what I did:


  1. Collect lots of stevia leaves. Wash and dry them.
  2. Chop the leaves up and place in a large glass jar.
  3. Cover with enough vodka to cover the leaves.
  4. Put the lid on and place somewhere you’ll see it.
  5. Leave the jar for 36 hours, shaking occasionally.
  6. After 36 hours (don’t leave it too long, or it will become bitter), strain the liquid into a small saucepan.
  7. Heat the liquid on low and bring to a simmer. Make sure you don’t boil it, or it will become bitter.
  8. Simmer for about half an hour, stirring constantly.
  9. Remove from heat and cool before pouring into small glass jars.
  10. Store in fridge for up to 3 months.


I got the recipe for this here. Use it instead of sugar in recipes like this chocolate avocado mousse, or this dairy-free ice cream, and this lemon tart (you will have to change the recipes a bit – I’ll post some new recipes sweetened with stevia soon).



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