Why I cook.

You might have guessed that I love cooking. I find it completely relaxing and yet stimulating at the same time. I enjoy planning what meals I’ll cook each week, and shopping for the right ingredients. I love adding herbs and spices to plain food, and noticing what a difference they make. Spending time eating the food I’ve cooked is also so much more satisfying and enjoyable. Especially when shared with friends and family.

I read an article the other day that talked about Cooking, and the reasons we do it. This was my favourite part:

It stops me from snacking. Studies have shown that cultures that cook don’t have a snacking culture and are in check with their appetite (and are devoid of an obesity issue). Some studies suggest not cooking is the most direct obesity indicator in a society. It’s a perspective I hadn’t considered: when you cook from scratch you have to be hungry enough to be bothered. Plus, the time it takes to prepare things delays the gratification. There are many theories on the benefits of delayed gratification and how it makes us happier. I know when I’m out and hungry, I think first to what I’d like to cook. I’m in the habit of thinking this way and food on the run has become incredibly unappealing. By the time I get home, I’ve either lost my appetite or I’m very much primed to enjoy what I cook that much more.

Read the rest here.

I’ve found that this is so true. I definitely snack a lot less when I’m excited by food and cooking. And I think this is the most important reason I’m still thin. Now I want to read this book! 

cooked-coverWhy do you cook?



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