One year of marriage.

To my dear husband,

It’s been a whole year since we were married. How time has flown by. I knew marriage was supposed to be good, but until I married you I didn’t realise just how good it could be. It’s certainly not always perfect. Not always rainbows and lollipops. But sharing the bad as well as the good makes it all so much richer.


If we each only thought of ‘me’, I don’t think our marriage would have lasted even this long. It’s only by the grace of God that we still love and respect each other. We love each other only because He loves us. Our love for each other overflows out of the great love God has put in our hearts. We can forgive each other because we have both been forgiven by Him so, so much. I need to remind myself of this every day, or else I slip back into selfish love of self.


You’re such a good man, and husband. So kind and generous, full of forgiveness for me (and others). You work hard at your job as well as all your other commitments. You’re so much fun! You don’t mind my weird-ness, and even embrace some of it (thankyou!). You’re strong, yet so very tender – I can’t wait to see you as Dad to our babies one day!


I’m so happy you’re in my life, and I’m so happy we’re sharing life together, as husband and wifey. I love you so much more than when we were first married. Maybe one hundred times more already! You’re my very favourite. My best friend and constant support. I look forward to sharing however many more moments and years God has for us.


Love always,



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