How I wash my hair.

Not with shampoo. Not with conditioner. Not with soap.

I use baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

It’s a bit weird, I know. Very crunchy.  It’s one of the reasons my brother calls me a hippy.

The thing is, it works.

I’ve never had nicer looking hair. It lasts a lot longer between washes (4-ish days), when I used shampoo I had to do it every second day. I got my hair cut a week ago after almost a year of no trims, and I had hardly any split ends!

Apart from working well, it’s cheap and involves no nasty chemicals.

I store my baking soda in a shaker container in the shower. Whenever I want to wash my hair I pour about 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar into a plastic jug I keep in the bathroom. Sometimes I add a few drops of lavender essential oil for a nicer smell.

Shampoo (baking soda): 

  1. First, I wet my hair and comb it through so there are no tangles.
  2. Then I shake about 3 tablespoons of baking soda into my palm. I sprinkle a little water onto it to make a paste.
  3. Then I rub the paste into my hair and scrub really well for a few minutes.
  4. When my hair feels nice and clean, I rinse my hair and comb it again.

Conditioner (vinegar): 

  1. Hold the jug with apple cider vinegar under the shower and fill with water. 
  2. Pour apple cider vinegar/water mixture over hair.
  3. Leave in for a few minutes.
  4. Comb hair, then rinse out.

I’ve never noticed a vinegar-ey smell after my hair dries, so don’t let the thought of having stinky hair put you off. I do sometimes miss the nice scent of shampoo, and sometimes I miss the fluffy lather of shampoo. But  I don’t miss the oiliness or lankness of how my hair used to be. I’ve been doing this for about 2 years now and I’m never going back to normal shampoo!

Check out these sites for more information about the no poo method of hair care:




  1. Rejoice For The Day · April 28, 2013

    This sounds great! I stay away from chemical shampoos but find that they are hard to get a hold of and cost way too much. I am definitely gonna try this out. Thanks!

    • hanmadestuff · April 28, 2013

      That’s great! Make sure you perservere for a month or so, it might take a while for your hair to adjust. Mine was actually a bit oily for about 6 weeks before it settled down. It definitely is cheap!

  2. Delle · April 28, 2013

    Totally been thinking about converting to this No Poo. My biggest concern is how tangled my hair gets- conditioner really helps to get the knots out on ‘hair-washing day’ ! Still contemplating 🙂

    • hanmadestuff · April 28, 2013

      Mine gets very tangled too Delle, even when I’m scrubbing with baking soda. That’s why I use a comb in the shower to detangle mine as I go. I try and do it gently though because they say combing wet hair is bad for it… I find that the ACV helps to detangle it a bit (not as much as normal conditioner though). Keep contemplating, but I think you should try it!

    • hanmadestuff · April 28, 2013

      Who knows, maybe after trying no poo for a month your hair won’t rely on conditioner to ease the tangles!?

  3. betterbitesct · April 28, 2013

    The crunchy betty site is the best! I read about no ‘poo there, but I haven’t tried it yet. I’m glad you’ve had such good results! Did you have any trouble transitioning or feel any girlfriends from the baking soda?

    • hanmadestuff · April 28, 2013

      I love the Crunchy Betty site too, I found it very helpful. Yes, I had about 6 weeks of oiliness, but then it evened out. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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