A weekend in Melbourne.

We went to Melbourne last weekend. It was good to get away from the business of renovating and just spend some quality time together. 3 hours in the car is such great talking time. There was also a beautiful sunset to watch.




We arrived at about 9 on Friday night at my Uncle and Auntie’s house. It was great to catch up with them and their kids. They’re two fun 10-year-olds. They made us play about 43 rounds of Monopoly Deal with them.

On Saturday morning we drove to the Yarra Valley and went to this Herb and Chilli Festival. Sam found out about it at work and thought it would be fun. It was a bit different, but pretty fun. There were stalls selling all kinds of food – most with chilli. I had a hot chocolate with chilli and it was great! (But I’ve already been won over by the chocolate chilli combination. I love it in ice cream.) There was also a stage with dancing and entertainment, and a tent where there were talks given by interesting people. One was about growing truffles (they sell for about $3000/kg!). Now Sam wants to grow truffles!

On Sunday we took a train into the city and just walked around the Royal Botanic Gardens.




They were beautiful and relaxing. We got hot chips from the cafe there, then we went home.


Thanks for the lovely weekend, darling.


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